Unlike the other guys, we already have a GUI interface design ready to go; nothing theoretical. Why? Because at VäporSystems, we live by the 80/20 rule; 80% of you only care what the thing looks like and what cool stuff it does (20% of our labor), while 20% of you are concerned with trivial specs like processor speed and protected memory (80% of the labor). Suffice to say it's a lot easier to design a pretty interface that makes weekly computer rags drool than to code a functional microkernel...

VäporOS Screenshot

1. The Background. We've taken away the hassle of making your own unique background patterns by inserting high-rent advertiser billboards in their place. You're denied freedom of expression, but who are we to stop the march of commerce?

2. Icon Bar. This is where cheaper advertisers can insert their important messages to you, the consumer. This screenshot shows today is "Automobile Industry Day". Ads change daily, and as system updates require.

3. Get "The Skinny" on something, and the window reveals not only the vitals of the selected item, but also provides valuable sponsor information and hot links to their web site.

4. You'll notice there's no hard drive icon. That 7th Grader told us she spends most of her time mucking around the system folder anyway, so why force users to make that extra double-click?


Pluggie's Plier
From the ground up, we decided that third-party extensions, or Pluggies©, would be a critical factor for VäporOS. Not because we think you want flexibility in configuring your system, but because it's prime advertising real estate. The Pluggies Plier© is the interface for deciding which Pluggies you want to load at system startup. Please note: due to licensing agreements, some Pluggies may load/unload independently of user settings


Startup Screen
From the moment you power up your VäporOS-enabled computer, our sponsors are there to guide your way towards free-market bliss.


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