Jorgën Såagrid:
the Väpor
- by Bjën Rûdenbaard





"What motivates me is the great willingness inside each of us to strive for the perfections we must endure, if we just reach to attain those objectives..."

He's flamboyant...he's charming...he's criminally insane...he's Jorgën Såagrid!

VäporSYSTEM's founder made a surprising return to his company after a legendary 6-year self-imposed exile of eternal silence.

But Såagrid was anything but quiet as he granted me this rare interview, his first public words since his myth-making return to Mjölby.

Because Såagrid is banned for life from attending any Expo, we met on the steps of the San Francisco criminal courthouse, where he spoke to an enraptured group of Belgian tourists, a college student and three pidgeons.

Bjën Rûdenbaard: "Jorgën Såagrid". Just the name conjures images of ratty clothes, a small wooden horse, a computer empire on the brink of obsolesence. What do you think of when you hear your name?

Jorgën Såagrid: What do I think of? I think of possibilities. I think of the incredible spirit within us all to make things better than they can be, if we just try to see beyond the scope of our power.

BR: Six years ago you left VäporSYSTEMS after a falling-out with head programmer Løn Jakkvik. Needless to say, your return comes as quite a shock.

JS: Do you know what's shocking to me? It's shocking to me that we don't fulfill ourselves. That we live our lives, never reaching the pinnacle of our inner strengths and yearning to grab that brass ring of fulfillment.

BR: Many in the industry felt your return comes at a critical time; with some many operating systems tring to elbow their way into the spotlight, VäporOS seems undaunted in its near-absolute anonymity.

JS: Yes, I am undaunted. I am undaunted by lackluster efforts. I am undaunted by fear, by the willingness to be second-best. I am undaunted in striving for commitment in providing the best possible solutions to a world weary from years of decay.

BR: What do you say to the industry pundits who declare your return to VäporSYSTEMS as a cynical PR move?

JS: I say that we have a lot of work to do; the 21st century lies in the valley, and we are hanging over the edge of the cliff. If we fail to make our mark, if we fail to seek the goals and sustain the viable results of our efforts with ourselves, then we are doomed.

I see great things ahead. I see a long highway, carving into a hillside, where pretty little birds sing a hymn to the bountiful wonders of existence. I see myself; I see the universe; I see Väpor.