Many people have contributed to the success of VäporOS. Up until now, they've gone largely unnoticed (probably for the best, considering most of their prison records). But now we're proud as all heck to introduce them to you.



Jorgën Såagrid - Founder
His infamous exploits have captivated the world; from pilgramages of silence to tireless pontifications, no one knows what he'll do next; and thank god for that.


Løn Jakkvik - Head Programmer
VäporSYSTEM's resident tech guru spends lots of time in front of his custom built VäporBOX, a system that was obsolete before it was even finished. Best known for causing Väpor founder Jorgën Såagrid to quit in 1991, Løn is often called "Yoko" by fellow employees behind his back.



Gûnter Risbäk - Assistant Programmer
He spends most of his time tooling around town in a '68 Chevelle SS telling horrible lies to women, but it's these very qualities that make Gûnter indespensible around the office. He does no work as far as we can tell, but he knows how to have a good time; and in Mjölby that's more imporant.


Thor dä Hjammer - Columnist
Well, we're not quite sure who he is; his articles just appear on our desk every week. If you have any ideas please let us know, we have W2 forms for him to fill out.



Sven Weinskør - Director of Marketing
The guy who originally let us suck up the bandwidth of his web space, Sven is prone to long bouts of sadism. His recent series of Dala horse therapies have made him somewhat tolerable, however.



Bjën Rûdenbaard - Vice President of Marketing
A devout follower of the bizarre rituals of Norse mythology, Bjën spends most of his time curled up in a ball under the desk in his cubicle. His emergence twice yearly to attend trade shows is nothing short of miraculous.


We also thank the following fictional characters for making this site as silly as it is:
Ben Tolub (Redbeard), Noah Daniels, Adam Hinkely (hinks), Terry Gregory (zb), Daniel Bronson, Jason Brizzi (Squirt), Cheesy, Remy, and me mum. Let me know if I left you out!