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Updated: September 28, 2005

steve Who am I?
This is the personal web site of Steve Weintraub. My professional history can be found in painfully abbreviated form in my resume, so I won’t address that here (except to add that my current employer is one B. D. Weintraub. He’s a tough boss, but the benefits and bonuses are amazing).

I grew up in the leafy bosom of Maplewood, New Jersey during the 70′s. Needless to say, life was all about trick-or-treating after dark without parental supervision, Mad Magazine, paying for candy with a sack of pennies and Star Wars.

More fantastic bio to come!

Why Dalahüs?
Years ago, I needed imagery for a website I was creating. The first thing I did was make up the name, VäporOS, sticking an umlaut over the “a” to make it look slightly foreign and tech-nerdy. I decided the logo looked Swedish, and thus it was pronounced “Vapor” rhyming with “whopper”. Having determined the faux-company’s nationality, I needed to pepper the site with Swedish-related imagery. And that’s when I discovered the Dala horse.

dala horse

Searching the web, I came across an image of a Dala horse, the “unofficial symbol of Sweden,” and instantly made it the mascot of VäporOS. I also designed a small 16×16 pixel icon version (named Färgen), which lives today as you see him all over this site. When I decided to create a personal domain, I wanted to continue the dala theme, so came up with the grammatically questionable Dalahüs, meaning House of the Dala. By the way, it rhymes with “noose”, not “bus”. Tell your friends.

Website Engine: WordPress
Photo Gallery Engine: Coppermine
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Masthead Photography: Steve Weintraub
Notes: I have attempted to make a clean, simple, easy to read layout. The major elements are precise and nonsense-free in composition and the grey color palate is easy on the eyes, providing a neutral backdrop for the photography. The only other color used is a deep red for links, picked up from the Dala Horse logo.